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    Open Question: What tech stickers would you put on your computer?

      Personalizing your laptop, computer rig or "command center" is a time-tested tradition for geeks and technologists. 

      laptop1.jpg laptop2.jpg

      At the JiveWorld14 Developer Conference this year, we are considering tracking down a bunch of technology, geek culture and pop culture stickers to offer up in the Hacker Lounge for attendees to personalize their computers.  Which leads me to the intent of this thread.  =)

      Q: If you could decorate your laptop with any sticker from any technology company out there, what would it be?

      If you can share the company name, url and/or the exact sticker you are looking for...we'll do our best to reach out to said companies and see about getting some of their stickers at the JiveWorld14 Hacker Lounge this year.

      Our Goal:

      We'd like to see a more dominant presence of the Hacker/Developer culture at JiveWorld this year. 


      Last year, we had great numbers ... but I feel as though we blended into the crowds. 


      This year, we've done a lot to elevate the Developer culture at JiveWorld (see our agenda), and this is just one more way we'd like to get that culture shine. =)


      We'll be promoting this thread via @jivedev to get some feedback as well, so feel free to respond their if you'd prefer.

      To kick this off, these are some my favorite stickers from a company ... Operational Intelligence, Log Management, Application Management, Enterprise Security and Compliance | Splunk

      splunk-shirt.jpgcanada.JPG nina.jpg