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    User Report


      Is there a way to run a quick report on my users, including user added fields?



      • Username
      • UserID
      • Name
      • Registered
      • Last Login
      • Active status
      • <Custom field>
      • <Custom field>


      The only way I can see getting a list is by copying and pasting from the user list.


      I'm on Jive 6 hosted.




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          Hi Roger,


          Do you have the Community Manager Reports plugin? You can run the User Adoption and Profile Completion reports and export them to csv.




          If you have an in-house BI tool, you can download .dmp file via the Cloud Admin tool and generate custom reports that way.



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              Thanks Dan.

              Jive support told me this:

              "Unfortunately running custom queries is out of the scope of Jive Support. I do however, see that you have Database Dumps enabled so you should be able to run your own custom queries.  I am attaching some documentation on Database Dumps: How To: Working With Database Dumps and also a list of schemas to help you create your custom query: SchemaSpy - sbs6a.public  "


              Essentially, you just have to request access to the Jive Cloud Admin and have them run a dump on a weekly/monthly basis. Then you download the dump (in this case the System db dump), restore the db dump into a Postgres database and run a query to pull out the info.


              The longest thing was to try to figure out how to convert the date/time that Jive stores into a real date. Here's the query:

              select a.userid, a.username, a.firstname, a.lastname, b.value as FDB_Acct, to_timestamp(a.lastloggedin/1000), to_timestamp(a.creationdate/1000), a.userenabled

              from jiveuser a, jiveuserprofile b

              where b.fieldid=5001 and b.userid=a.userid


              Note the "to_timestamp" converts the number into a "real" date and time. Also, jiveuserprofile.fieldid = 5001 was the custom field that I had created for the profile. Other custom fields have different field IDs.



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              Just figured this out for onpremise users, here is the SQL Query:


              SELECT jiveUser.userID, jiveUser.username, jiveUser.firstName, jiveUser.lastName, jiveUser.userEnabled, jiveUser.creationDate, jiveUser.lastLoggedIn, jiveUserProfile.fieldID, jiveUserProfile.value

              FROM jiveUser

              INNER JOIN jiveUserProfile

              ON jiveUserProfile.userID=jiveUser.userID WHERE fieldID=5001 AND userEnabled=1;

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