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    Countdown Clock feature


      I am interested in implementing some sort of "countdown clock" using the formatted text widget. My community is only on Jive 6.0.3. Google searching leads me to sites with a simple html code to copy and paste, but it uses an iframe, which our version of Jive does not seem to support. Any recommendations?

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          Have you considered making it an app instead? does it have to live in a widget?

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              Ryan Rutan

              There are lots of countdown implementations that exist in JS/HTML.  The trick will be to take the JS and put it into an HTML Widget (not a Formatted Widget) and upload them as managed assets for the Widget.  From there, you can you reference the code without it being stripped.  Perhaps something like this:


              which looks pretty cool.  Hope that helps, but this is totally doable with an HTML Widget.

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                  Hey Ryan,


                  Thank you for your feedback! The provided example would work perfectly. Embarassingly, I am not extremely tech savvy when it comes to html coding. Are there any direct links to a precise html code I could simply copy and paste (editing minor details to set date/time)?


                  Thank you!


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                    Ryan is correct, there is lots of implementations that exist in JS/HTML.  I've implemented a countdown a few months ago and based it on (jQuery Countdown plugin v1.0) something really similar to the  flipclock site mentioned.


                    Here an high level of the step you need to do

                    create an html widget,

                    you can upload all the files you need:


                         javascript files

                         css files

                         note: start by uploading the images, than update your scripts and javascript files to references the right resource folder generated resources/statics

                    update your html widget with the code your need.  No matter what you choose, you will need adapt the solution to your need.  Like I did for this one.


                    I leverage jquery, but note that AS SOON AS you add script tags, your html widget will be encapsulated in a iframe.

                    So my code works if you have the div's in the current html widget.  If you plan to use it in another widget on the screen, you must update the code to use the parent object ;0)

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                    I am open to any and all options