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    Wordpress - Building up a community based on Jive




      I'm a new member of the Jive-Community,

      We just founded a new company in germany called connect45plus (www.connect45plus.de).  We basically want to offer Information, Explanation, Education and Answers for our customers, Our target audience is the generation 45plus. Main topic is  all around the digital world (means "How to use the Internet", How to use my Smartphone" How to twitter etc.).


      Technically our website is based on Wordpress in the newest version.


      Next step of our solution evolution is considered a managed community for our (paying) customers. So far we've considered to introduce BuddyPress (plugin) but now seeing what Jive provides functionality wise , I'm wondering whether such a combination : wordpress + Jive could work. And, if yes, how ? What are potential prerequisites technically ? We currently host our WP website on hosting provider .


      Anyone with thought?


      Brgds Uwe

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          You'd need a portal to merge Jive+WP or some Jive plugins to display the WP content in Jive. I don't think that this would be a good combination.

          It may be much better to get rid of WP and use also Jive blogs. So you'd have only one system for authentication and authorization, for search and always the same, cool UI. For mobile acces there's the Jive app.

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              WEll you can still leave the blog as there is some seo value to that. But feed the blog into your Jive site via the stream once integration. from there it is no problem partitioning off your community and putting content behind a pay way. I have done this with my community using jive 7 and it has been working amazing. now under one site we have education, support and premium content, along with marketing. Makes for a great customer experience.

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                  Interesting. But we still intend to maintain the WP as the heart of the "free" content (information, blog etc. ) From there we feed the social media channels as Facebook, G+ , Twitter, Xing and LE with the original content, but customized fitting the special needs for those social media channels. Education, Support and premium content maintained in Jive sounds great. So, sooner or later the cost topic (jove) pops up. Is there an estimate for , let's say, operating a jive system with 1000 or 5000 customers (means active users)?

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                Great concept Uwe, how is it going? What was your motivation for creating it and how is the monetizing aspect coming along?

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                    First: Motivation was and is the impression that specifically the generation 45plus in Germany has some resistance towards the Internet and associated technologies. Reasons for that are manifold: not enough time, not part of the childhood, concerns about security and privacy , not seeing the benefits .. So, our goal is : explain, explain, explain, convince, showing specific benefits for the individuals, building personal bridges into the digital world ..

                    Second: It takes time to come into the awareness of the target audience, online advertising, social media activity - helps , but only partly because main portions of the target audience don't use these media at all. Conclusion -> Go to Press , but also here you have to find the right entry door ..

                    Third: Monetizing. 3 columns: 1) Selling digital products (brochures, tutorials, explanation video's etc) 2) Community/Membership with a monthly fee 3) advertising/affiliate