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    community manager documentation


      Hi all,


      Is it just me or is there no proper 7.0 documentation for Community Managers? I can find admin documentation and user documentation but there's nothing in between. I couldn't figure out how to replace a missing sys prop for "helpful answers" and it turned out, the instructions exist but they refer to this as "marking" and the "helpful" term that appears on the site is not mentioned in the instructions.


      I find this happening a lot. I am an admin, but I am not a dev. And I don't have any sort of long relationship with Jive to just "know" various terms = something else in our community.


      Do you find this happening in your version of Jive's documentation? Do you file a case when you can't figure something out? Or is there a 7.0 cheat sheet for CMs floating around and I just can't find it?