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    Benefits to Jive Analytics


      I'm putting together a tailored guide to the analytics module for CMrs in my company:


      Does anyone has anything they might share that actually highlights the business benefits to each of the community manager analytics reports?

      I don't really need them at the system admin level just yet, so just the 4 quadrants of reports you get as a community manager (adoption, content, activity, questions).  I have done a few searches and can't quite find anything along those lines. If i have to I'll build this from scratch, but perhaps there's already a model.

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          Caton Guilbault

          Hi Anton,


          Dustin Smith & Ryan Sefko gave a great talk about this subject at JW13: Speed Dat[a]ing: Community Value Reporting Demystified


          Here are some of the high level use case and/or benefit statements from my internal deck explaining what CMR is to our space owners. 

          • User Adoption – Understand how the users in your Space/Group is are interacting with content
          • Content – Understanding the distribution of content types in your Space/Group overtime
          • Content Leader board – Identifying popular content
          • Daily Activity – Understand the activity happening in your Space/Group over time
          • Answered Questions - Ensure questions are being answered and understand how they are answered
          • Filters  - Provide functionality to focus on a specific user or group of users interacting with your Space/Group
            • Date Range filters provide functionality to focus on a specific time frame
          • Include Subspaces – Identify usage patterns of the main Space vs. all other sub-spaces


          Hopefully this helps get you started at least.