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    Third Party Analytics


      With the new Jive Cloud update, where did the Third Party Analytics section go? I have an API in there that integrates with my email program and it's currently not working.

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          Hi Diane, In the latest release of Cloud,Product management decided to temporarily remove the analytic's area. This is meant to start the conversation with your account team to transition to upgrade safe theming.

          If there is a specific issue related to your site that our Support Engineers should investigate we ask that you Start a Case in your company's Support group aka your MyJive Group.

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              Hi John,


              How long is temporarily? Are we looking at a few days, weeks or until the next update?

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                Hey, John, this is exactly the kind of thing that scares customers off from moving to the Cloud: random, arbitrary decisions made without notice that significantly affect our business-critical production sites. 

                What can we do to get across to every Jive employee that this is an unacceptable way to do business? Communication, far in advance, is a non-negotiable imperative before actions are taken that negatively or potentially negatively affect customers.

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                  This is not a business practice that Jive should be engaging in. Removing a tool like Third Party Analytics with no advance notice, and no avenue for a return-to-service other than opening a ticket is pretty hard on your clients.


                  I cannot see any reason why this could not have been planned and communicated to clients instead, who could make their own internal adjustments rather than having to scramble and fix this issue.


                  Do you have a timeline for a return of TPA?

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                  Ted Hopton, Diane Le, and Alistair Calder - thanks for all the passion and comments -- and apologies for the lack of notice & communications.  The decision to do this lies with my team, and I'd like to share some background & next steps. 


                  • Third party analytics are absolutely not going away permanently; we're just limiting access to customers working via Jive.  We understand 3rd party analytics are a key integration point for our customers, so this will be coming back in a future Cloud release.
                  • We have not removed any code that was there, and anything that was previously running should continue to run.  Diane Le - please do open a case so we can look into the behavior & why your code stopped working.
                  • If you need to make an update to this code, create a support case as John suggested, and we'll help you through it.
                  • The lack of advance notice comes from the urgency with which we needed to make this change.  During our production rollout test cycle for this release, we noticed some significant issues being caused by unsupported/complex 'hacks' of the Jive product.  Locking down access was a necessary, short term solution to protect customer deployments & uptime.
                  • We absolutely intend to improve this going forward, in a number of ways:
                    • Restoring customer access to 3rd party analytics once we can put the appropriate safeguards around it
                    • Evaluating the 'hacks' and the intentions behind them -- and coming up with safe(r) ways to support them
                    • An ongoing roadmap that delivers mid- and long-term enhancements that benefit your community in a safer way

                  Please accept my apologies for the surprise.  If you're currently using 3rd party analytics and need access, a support ticket will get you through the short term.  I know it's inconvenient, and I sincerely appreciate your patience and understanding. In addition, please connect with Curtis Gross from my team who is talking with customers & gathering feedback to balance your needs with technical feasibility for the mid- and long- term solutions.


                  Finally, please rest assured that we are not disregarding our customer' needs for these capabilities or the desire for advance notice of changes.  If anything, we've been working hard over the past 12-18 months at responding to this type of feedback: blog posts earlier in the release cycle, feature toggles, general open discussion with you, and more.  I'd love to engage with you and hear all of your feedback -- good and bad -- on this and other major changes that have impacted your communities.  And as always, thanks for your passionate support of Jive and for your vocal feedback to ensure we continuously improve.

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                      NOTE: My apologies for my earlier harsh comments on this action. They were unnecessary and I have removed them. When this change was pointed out to me, we were soon approaching an important point in our migration. However, we contacted Jive support and they were very responsive and took care of our request. The world did not end. Re-reading your explanation, Clara, I have a more measured appreciation for why it was done. I look forward to its return.