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    How to get user activities as well as related content details


      Hi Jive experts, I've a question about how to get user Jive activities as well as related content details using JIVE data export service and JIVE REST API.


      I've both admin account for data export service and REST API. My problem is I don't know how to collaborate result of data export service and REST API to find the content detail of an user activity. For example, I can get the latest user downloading file activity from data export service by query like this:


      In the response result, I can get some information like user, action type, time, related object id.  Then I want to get the downloaded file content using REST API such as:


      But I don't know how, I've tried using object id, container id, etc .. to do the query, but I can not find the result that I want. Any one please help me, thank you!