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    Can Your Social Platform Be Your Intranet?

      I made the point back in July that good old fashioned intranet content publishing was not dead, and that enterprise social collaboration platforms really weren't very good for one to many publishing. A separate web publishing platform would probably still be needed — use the right tool for the right job. As a result of that article, Jive Software asked to have a chat about my theory, to refresh my knowledge of its platform and demo some of the latest features. I always jump at the chance to be proven wrong, and so have had some interesting conversations with Adam Mertz, senior director of product marketing at Jive.

      Mertz opened our conversation by stating that Jive has always striven to be user focused. Putting the user experience first and foremost has made Jive a successful company with high take up and good user adoption of its platform. "People Centric" collaboration, as opposed to what I often refer to as content centric collaboration (e.g., in SharePoint) is a philosophical cornerstone for Jive.

      Yes, Jive could indeed be your social intranet

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