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    Jive Inbox + e-mail Inbox = Confusing. Best way to explain with users?


      I've been training teams for several months now on using Jive. One thing I observe continually is people's utter confusion between their e-mail inbox and the Jive inbox.


      In fact, I recall being confused at first. The relationship between e-mail and the Inbox in Jive is a tricky one to grasp, and the confusion is compounded by the fact that Inbox as a label is used in both e-mail and Jive, but they do slightly different things. The nuances are lost on people who are getting up to speed, and it causes a barrier to adoption that I've had to work to overcome nearly every time.


      I typically walk people through (or point them to) information that helps them understand how the Jive inbox works and how e-mail notifications can be turned on and off. Even more powerful, of course, is combining the inbox with custom connection streams. I also follow and give the great advice I heard in one of the Jive Platform Training, which says, "If it's important to your day job, follow it in your inbox."


      Has Jive considered the confusion between e-mail and the Jive Inbox and how to rapidly cut through that confusion with users who have been using e-mail for 20+ years?