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    Due Date Repeat Functionality


      There is an issue regarding the Due Date Repeat date functionality, so here's an example:


      1. A task has been created and a due date for the deadline has been set
      2. The Repeat function has been set to Monthly, say, 1 October (so that this task repeats the first every month).
      3. When 1 October arrives the schedule date will appear as read
      4. Then the following day - without the user ticking the task as complete - the system automatially completes the task and defaults to the next scheduled date, which in this example will be 1 November.
      5. Thus, the problem lies in the fact that if the tasks is not completed in actuality on 1 October, the user can forget to complete the task!!
      6. The solution is that the system only defaults to the next recurring date, ie 1 Nov, once the user has ticked the task as complete.


      Can anyone please help or provide guidance?


      Many thanks