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    API Documentations errors & suggestions


      Dear Producteev team,


      I have been playing a bit to implement a basic API in Python for your REST API.

      Reading the documentation for the API, I spotted some errors and have some comments:


      - It would be usefull to say that Filters are simply query parameters

      - It is not possible to read nor copy the possible values of filters, this would be helpfull for dev to be able to acces the input contents

      - https://api.producteev.com/api/doc/#Notes : in example "autonatically" --> automatically

      - For export/search there is no mention that the filters sort & order are required

      - For export, the 302 returned location is /api/files/{id}?access_token=...

        which ends up with Internal Server Error 500 if we send an header-authentificated request

      - The date format is not consistent, you need to add a comment in the documentation that returned date are ISO8601 with T and including timezone, whereas search criteria from/to are Unix epoch time

      - I was not able to get a list of delete tasks even with include_deleted filter in tasks/search ... how can I know which tasks have been delete since a given date


        It would be nice to remove the access_token there... or at least add a comment in the documentation about

        the fact that the acces token is returned as weel.


        However I wonder why you are not sending a JSON with the file ID ? or direcly the file JSON ?


      - It is not clear in the documentation if GET /api/announcements/unread is paginated or not

      - Some of the request are paginated but it is not obvious if the per_page filter is allways available

      - I upload avatar the curl example is wrong: the key should be avatar not file


      I pushed my code to



      Best regards,

      François Bianco