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    API v2.3 sort not working as expected.  Is this a bug?


      I'm using Jive API v2.3 (on Jive 

      When using this version, I have successfully:

      • Return content listing for the group or search end point - using /api/core/v2/search/content?q=test and /api/core/v2/groups/GroupID/content
      • Used the sort parameter to sort the search end point results set by subject

      For the search end point, using /api/core/v2/search/content?q=test&sort=error gives:

           "Invalid sort field '' was specified, must be one of 'date', 'likes', 'relevance', or 'subject'",

      suggesting I should be able to sort by date (I presume this is creation or modificaiton date) or likes - in ascending or descending order.


      1. Sorting API search results by likes or date does not appear to work - e.g  /api/core/v2/search/content?q=test&sort=likes does not order the results by likes.
      2. I cannot get any sort options to work for the group's content listing.


      • Is anyone able to confirm whether these observations are working as designed, or a bug in API v2.3?
      • Additionally if this is a bug in v2.3, is it fixed in later versions of API v2 (or even v3 of the API)?