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    Looking for a way to share specific content with the public


      We have a Jive implementation where all visitors currently must authenticate themselves before being granted access to the community and to our content.  We have another type of user that we want to be able to view certain content (not everything) by simply visiting the community site without having to log in.  I have been working with my Admin to find a way to do this, but together we have been unsuccessful in finding out how to do this.


      I fear the main problem is that the way our community is setup to require authentication will prevent us from showing content publicly to those who stumble upon or are directed to our community site but aren't customers of ours.  Is there a way to set it up where, like this community, grant the ability to review certain content prior to logging in?  These "users" wouldn't need to have permission to ask questions or make comments or add content - read-only is appropriate for this group.


      Any recommendations are helpful!





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