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    Jive Mobile App Authentication

    mark.cablayan Novice

      I have successfully integrated the Jive mobile app into our SSO framework and had a question about how the IOS app authenticates.


      While debugging the our security filter, I noticed that an oAuth key gets sent multiple times when trying to authenticate and after failing reverts to basic auth.


      This works, however, I noticed that if a user signs out of the mobile app and tries to sign back in, only the oAuth key gets sent; also, if a user types in the wrong password, tries to authenticate, fails and tries to login with the correct password, only the oAuth key is sent and not the basic auth's username and password.


      The only work around I have found is to close the app completely ( double click the home button and close the app ), reopen the app and re-login--sometimes I have to close the app multiple times.


      Does anyone know if this is a caching issue with the app?  Will this ever get fixed?


      It was pretty frustration since I couldn't figure out why the app wasn't authenticating and then finding that the correct credentials were not being sent from the app.