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    Convincing Employees to Use New Technology - Didier Bonnet - Harvard Business Review

      Convincing Employees to Use New Technology

      Harvard Business Review

      Leaders need to focus on adoption, not just deployment.

      All of our companies are digital now – or quickly becoming that way. Almost any enterprise you can think of, no matter the industry or sector, is trying (or being pressured by competitors) to use new technology to harness the vast new oceans of data being generated by smartphones, sensors, digital cameras, GPS devices, and myriad other sources of information originating from customers and markets.

      When these platforms are introduced, organizations too often focus only on deployment, not adoption. It’s remarkable how commonplace it is for leaders to lose sight of the true ROI of their digital investments: collaboration among actively engaged users, smarter decision making, increased sharing of best practices and, over time, sustained behavior change.

      For your conversations with CIOs. ADOPTION not Just DEPLOYMENT

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