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    Redirecting people who "game" the game mechanics


      We launched the Bunchball plugin for advanced gamification in early June and we've seen higher activity which is great. We expected some folk would try to "game" the system to get more points for things that they didn't really do, but weren't sure how.  What we've seen is people repeatedly liking/unliking, rating/unrating documents.  This allows them to keep earning points as Jive/Bunchball allows you to unlike and the game mechanics track every rate and like, not just the first one.   We decided to put a maximum number of points you could earn for those missions per day. It's helped to keep the leaderboards reserved for true engagers for the most part.  But, a couple of users continue to like/unlike, rate/unrate. Their community manager talked with them and their manager about the spirit of the missions and leaderboards but to no avail.  It's fascinating human behavior to observe.  Anyone else running into this? Any suggestions? Or, is this normal?