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    What's the definition of 'Source' column in jivestreamassociation table


      I need to get list of followers for each subspaces. I searched the forum and been realized to look into the jivestreamassociation table. But I don't understand what's the meaning of the 'source' column (0,1,2,6). It looks I have to do some filter to get real number of followers for each subspaces.


      select distinct source from jivestreamassociation







      Can anyone help me on this? Thank you! It's Jive 6

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          Caton Guilbault

          Hi Fenglin,


          I've been looking into this as well and also have no idea what the source column refers too. josh.richau your our only hope...


          Your hunch is correct that a user can follow a space in multiple streams so you will have to de-dupe based on user ID to get the number of followers instead of follows.


          I use the query below for space followers and roll up based on what my end users want to know. I've found the receiveemails field is the most telling as some folks tend to ignore the UI notifications and still live in email. I also found some very interesting custom stream names from our users that provided endless LOLz.


              to_timestamp(jivestreamconfiguration.createddate/1000) as Creationdate,
              to_timestamp(jivestreamconfiguration.modifieddate/1000) as Modificationdate
          From jivestreamassociation
          join jivestreamconfiguration ON (jivestreamconfiguration.id = jivestreamassociation.streamid)
          Where jivestreamassociation.objecttype=14 --Objectype ID (14 is spaces)
          and    jivestreamassociation.objectid= 3418 --Space ID
          order by createddate desc