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    Replace method doesn't work in ftl.


      Here's a case:


      Jive version


      1. I have email template .ftl file edited which has span tag in it.

      2. I replace



                          ${contentBody?replace('<span', '<span style="display:none;"')}


      3. When I go Preview I really don't see any spans

      4. When Email is delivered somehow there's no changes to span tag and it's displayed.


      Any thoughts?


      Why Freemarker replace method doesn't work?


      Are there other solutions?

        • Re: Replace method doesn't work in ftl.
          Ryan Rutan

          1st thing I would do is try a different Freemarker test.  Perhaps something that adds a timestamp to the email template....and see if that renders.  If it does, then great ... you might be dealing with FreeMarker running before a styling template or whatnot (haven't looked at message templates in a while), but if thats the case...you may not be able to replace something that isn't there (yet).


          Give that test a try and let me know how it goes.