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    Spark LDAP failure


      Hi guys/girls
      I have a desperate issue with Spark/Openfire server: This morning the whole auth system just quit working....

      These are the errors I get in the info.log file: org.jivesoftware.openfire.net.sasl authentication - user login failed. PLAIN authentication failed dtaylor

      The server has been working for a good number of months now without issue. Overnight, users began to complain that they could no longer see groups they were configured to be able to see. This morning I managed to log in, but I couldn't access the management console. I restarted my system and now I, nor anyone else in the enterprise can log in.

      Our call center uses this for comms between agents and supervisors etc, we are in a pickle to say the very least.


      Any information on this error would be highly appreciated right now.


      Darren T


      I cannot stress enough the urgency of resolving this issue.