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    Disable lightbox previews when a custom url-handler is used?


      Anyone have any ideas on how I could disable the lightbox preview for images when a custom url-handler is used?

      I expected a url-handler to override the default lightbox behavior, but no.


      I have a url handler that will open an image (jpg, png) in another application.

      When it's a jpg or png, lighbox preview prevents it from working, unless I right-click the link and say "open in a new window"


      Our current version: Jive


      I tried to work around the issue was to set jive.link.external.open_in_new_window  =      true

      One more way I tried to work around this was to set this in each link, but it did not appear to do anything at all.

         class="jive-link-custom" target="_blank"