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    Jive Producteev Connector and Administration Roll


      We recently setup the connector between Jive and Producteev.  When doing so we used our Jive Admin Account that uses a dummy email address to set the app up in Jive.  When we setup Producteev the connector made this admin the admin for our new corporate Producteev Network which I created at the same time.  I tried logging into Producteev with my Admin user and password but assume that like other users the admin got an email to confirm his account and set a password which we never got because the jive admin account is just a dummy and really does not have an inbox.  I also looked for a way to add an admin on the jive side and could not find anything to do that either.  What do I need to do to take over this Network as an admin so I can assign others this role.


      Corey Mathews help me set some of this up but is traveling for the next few days and recommended I post here.