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    [BUG] Reverting file with ESP - problem with version IDs


      This happens with our ESP, but I was able to reproduce it with Jive+Box integration as well.

      Both integrations tested with https://jivedemo-egnyte.jiveon.com/


      Use case:

      1. upload a file

      2. upload another version

      3. revert to the first version (creates version 3)

      4. delete the first version

      result: version3 is 404


      In step 3 Jive makes a call that is almost identical to creation of a new version, including all the file content data. The ESP server returns a whole structure with the version externalid of the file that was just created, but Jive ignores the new version and maps version 3 to the same version externalid that was used for version 1 in Jive. Therefore when we delete the version 1, version 3 points to a 404.


      The workaround here is to not store the new file version when reverted and do some reverting magic on our side and keep track of all the references that weren't deleted yet.


      Handling versions would make much more sense if revert would just accept the new id returned by the ESP.

      // and if ESP wants to manage references to files, it can return the same reference instead of a new one.