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    User Profile tooltip customisation


      Hi all,


      We are trialling the use of a status update to let our teams know where we are and how we would like to be contacted. 


      It would be great if we could make this information more readily available - for instance, adding the last status update to the profile panel that pops up when you hover on a user name.


      Does anyone know if this is possible?   I've seen some posts that allude to being able to customise the javascript to change which phone number is displayed, however our tool-tip just shows the user's photo, rank (points) & name.


      We are using Jive Cloud Summer 2014.  I imagine that this reduces our ability to customise!


      Best regards,



        • Re: User Profile tooltip customisation

          I am surprised to discover I can specify availability information on my Jive-n profile page.  However, there are two problems:

          • the availability information is hidden so you have to scroll.  (can we just show it more prominently as suggested by Steve)

          • It's position on the profile page.  Move it from the bottom to near the top if you want people to use it or just remove it.