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    Same mission in Multiple Groups

    swaran Novice

      As explained in document , I can create Mission for specific Group by using "containerID:1090, containerType:socialgroup" in Metadata.


      But on assigning Mission to multiple groups "containerID:1090, containerType:socialgroup,containerID:1092, containerType:socialgroup" mission doesn't work for either groups.


      Can someone please explain how to assign same mission in multiple groups/containers.




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          rmkingsland Intermediate

          I'm trying to set up something similar to this and was wondering if you could use semicolons for multiple containerID's i.e. "containerType:socialgroup,containerID:1060;1061;1063" gah why do I have to be so lazy?

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              Robin Sorenson Beginner

              Curtis Gross Nathan Howard


              I found this question, and was disappointed that there is no answer posted. I also would like to program a mission that includes metadata for multiple groups and/or spaces. Actually, I was wondering if I could program the mission for all social groups in my community. I tried to use the metadata for containerType:socialgroup, and just left off the containerID, but it didn't work.


              Is there a way to program one mission to be active in multiple containers? If not, do you suggest creating one mission, and duplicating it for each container?