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    Better collaboration in documents?

      I'm not sure where to post this or what to call it, other than we want more "Google-doc-like" documents:


      Truly collaborative documents where edits can be done by multiple people simultaneously.  We have a number of departments who are leery about using Jive for collaboration because they have experienced multiple document changes being overwritten by others who have checked out the document and are also making changes at the same time.


      Is better collaboration in documents on the roadmap?

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          That's a great question Crystalee, and just like Warren (thanks Warren!) my first response was going to be using Jive for Office because it does handle the co-editing use case while ensuring that users don't unintentionally overwrite each others' changes.


          If you're using that and it's still not exactly what you're looking for, then I understand what you mean by the more Google Docs-like experience where multiple users can edit the same document at the same time in the browser. This functionality wasn't possible until recently with Microsoft, as it just wasn't something that they supported. However with their introduction of Office Online as part of the O365 suite, they are taking definite steps in that direction.


          Yoav Derazon is actually taking over responsibilities for these integrations going forward, so he will be able to give you more details as these new developments unfold, but just to give you a sneak peek:


          1. We've recently announced that we are Introducing Jive Connectors for Microsoft Office 365. You'll see more about this in the coming weeks and months, but I think it fits your use case exactly. It does require using Office Online, as that's the only way that Microsoft will support the functionality you're looking for, but when using Jive for Office Online you'll be able to have multiple people edit the document and have it then still be visible in, and editable via, Jive.
          2. Since you mentioned Google Docs, I don't know if your organization is also using Google but we're also going to announce support for native Google Docs soon, as part of our existing Google integration (currently covering Google Drive for uploaded files, and Gmail). It's the same functionality you're asking about in Office documents, but the actual native Google Docs experience. A Google Doc created in Google will be visible in the connected Jive Place, and users can co-edit in real time across the both systems.



          Hope that answers your questions. Please let us know if this line of thinking closer aligns with your needs, and if there is any more information we can provide.