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    Could anybody please explain these jive user statuses ?


      Hi ,

      Can anybody tell me what is the difference between jive user status (2-Approved) and (6-Registered). I found the following status descriptions, but could not differentiate between 2 and 6.

      0 -  none

      1 - awaiting_moderation

      2 - approved

      3 - rejected

      4- awaiting_validation

      5 - validated

      6- registered

      7 - invited



      Ryan Rutan , whoiskevin : Please let me know if you have any idea about these.

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          Registration can be configured to allow self registration with email validation (they have to answer an email) and also to force moderation.  Number 4 is related to that status.  Number 2 is when registration is configured for moderation.  At that point they are approved which may be identical to registered except it indicates they went through moderation. 


          That is what I recall but I have not had moderation on user registration configured for a very long time.

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