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    Differenece in user moderation status


      Hi Everyone ,


      I am currently stuck between finding the difference between the moderation status "2" and moderation status "6"  with reference to user registration moderation  approval which is set against column "status"  in jiveuser table. According to the code reference it says "2" set when user is approved but never logged in and 6 means approved + logged in atleast once.


      But this is not the happening once I approve the user the status is getting set to "6"  and also I have few users who have status as "2".


      I am not able to figure out when will be the user status set to "2". 


      Any help or information on this is appreciated.




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          If memory serves me correctly, item 2 is when an account is created in the 2nd step of a “verify email” workflow, where there is an approval process still pending.  Such as a person provides an email, the email is verified, then details are populated to the user record and saved (this should result in a status of 2, prior to being approved by an administrator.  This is a memory of my experiences with these status codes, so not sure if there are other use-cases at play, but hope that helps.