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    Have you ever changed your forums URL structure? a few questions...




      My company was originally a one-product company, and our main forums lived under one space landing page: /community/discussion-forums/<forum topic>, where "discussion-forums" is the landing page.


      We have a new product line and we are considering changing URL structure. Retaining the original product's landing page URL and name while creating a separate landing page for the new product with a more specific name would be somewhat inconsistent.


      For instance,

      Current URL to original product landing page for the many forums:

      /community/discussion-forums/<forum subject>

      Proposed URL to the original product landing page and forums:

      /community/ProductA-forums/<forum topic>

      Proposed URL structure to one of the proposed forums for the new product:

      /community/ProductB-forums/<forum subject>

      And there are 2 forums under the original forums landing page that aren't fully product related that I would consider moving out.

      For example,



      might make more sense in a new, product agnostic area, such as


      I have a few questions and concerns. First, and broadly, what are some of the edges you experienced when you made changes like these?

      Specific questions:

      1. Obviously, links to spaces will be broken, but we can address that with redirects. No real question, other than is there anything I am not considering?
      2. There might be SEO impact when moving or renaming spaces, but this impact should be mitigated with 301 redirects, correct?
      3. Any technical hiccups when you've moved spaces in the space hierarchy?
      4. Best practice for landing page URL naming? For example, would we want to have Product A's URL segment show as /community/productA-forums/<forum name>, or /community/productA/<forum name>?
      5. Best practice for forum URL naming? For example, /community/productA-forums/productA-<forum name>, or /community/productA/<forum name>?
      6. Best practice for forums landing page space display names? For example, would the landing page space be named "Product A Forums"? Or just "Product A"?
      7. Best practice for forum space display name? Given ProductB has similar forum topics as ProductA, "Product A - <topic>"? or simply "<topic>", leaving out the product name in the forum title?