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    Jive Minnesota User Group 9/18/14 Recap

    Kara Francis

      Thank you to....

      • Everyone who joined us for our "first" Minnesota user group meeting on September 18th, 2014 at Thomson Reuters.  It had been awhile since we last met, so it was great to get together again.
      • Lindsay Keogh for hosting and sharing some great success stories on Thomson Reuters' gamification implementation.  It is great to see all that you guys have accomplished.
      • Josh Richau for sharing the Jive roadmap and answering many questions along the way!  We'd love to hear from you again to have you talk more about the metrics and analytics pieces that you know so much about!  Would you be up for delivering a web ex?
      • Kelly Carlsted for helping us to coordinate this event and for providing lunch.  It was great to meet you!
      • Russell Lindquist for helping to get the word out about our user group and being our new account manager


      We'd love to have everyone who attended reply to this post and share at least one thing that you learned or plan to do as a result of attending this user group meeting.  We want to extend our experience and learning to anyone who was unable to attend.


      A few housekeeping things that came out of the meeting:

      • We are going to change our name... to be the Minnesota User Group.  This really isn't just about the Twin Cities.  And it really isn't just about Minnesota either.  If you are close to Minnesota and want to be in our User group - you are invited!  We'll keep you posted if the group URL changes.
      • The majority of those in attendance requested that we hold meetings during normal business hours - during the lunch hour was the top vote
      • We discussed meeting at least four times a year - twice for longer, more formal "user group" meetings and twice for shorter, more informal "meet ups"
      • We also discussed holding Web ex sessions, especially for those who are not local to the Twin Cities and do not live close to another user group
        • Schedule some web ex-only meetings
        • For any in-person meeting, try to have a web ex session also
      • Feedback from those in attendance said that Edina or Bloomington were relatively convenient locations (the majority of those in attendance work in Eagan, Invergrove Heights, and Minnetonka)
      • We talked about how to encourage more people to attend.  If you were unable to attend the user group meeting on the 18th, we'd love to hear what would encourage or make it easier for you to attend in the future
      • For the longer user group meetings, you aren't required to attend the entire time.  If you only have an hour, we'd still love for you to attend for that hour
      • We are working with Jive to figure out the best way to reach out to all Jive customers where maybe the account owner or those in the Jive database don't live in Minnesota, but maybe there is an admin or power user who works in Minnesota - we don't want to leave anyone out due to lack of data.
      • And we want our local users to become a support system for one another.  We encourage you to leverage this group within the JC and reach out to those that you met at the user group when you have a question or want to bounce an idea off of someone.


      Thank you everyone, for your support of the Minnesota Jive User Group!