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    How do you keep posts from having too many comments?

    Kara Francis

      What I mean by this question is when there are too many comments, it is sometimes easy to miss things.  And sometimes comments are no longer relevant and may cause issues if the entire thread is not reviewed.


      When a discussion has tangents, it is relatively easy to branch a comment into a new discussion (although I wish that it left a placeholder where that comment was, since sometimes the comment that disappears causes confusion).  But for a document or blog, we don't have the branch feature.


      In a lot of cases, I will update the main document or blog with relevant information that has come out of the comments, however, what do you do with the comments to make it easy for people to know which comments are still relevant.  Also, if you have a document that has longevity, there may be comments that are completely obsolete?  Do you delete them?  Or does that go against best practices?  Do you contact the comment author to delete his/her comment?

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          We have seen this problem lately - certain posts catch on and seem to have a never-ending chain of responses (one discussion asked "What song are you listening to right now?"). Our response has been to ask the group owner to lock the post once it becomes noticeably over-commented. We tend to notice these posts because they appear in trending content for a longer than normal time (and they tend to be non-business related).

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            There have been a few times where I have deleted comments. For example, when I've documented a Jive feature that has changed over time, and the previous comment was no longer relevant. With OOTB points, deleting content (used to?) removes points from the poster. But since we use BunchBall, this isn't a concern any longer. And since we get a lot of complaints about relevancy, I decided better to delete comments that were more confusing than they were helpful.


            We have a few threads similar to the one Neil mentions. We haven't taken the step of locking comments, but it is an interesting topic. I wonder what my boss, Liz Stanley, would think about doing that....