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    Creating a discussion thread from a comment - best practice


      Hey All,


      Our communtiy is relatively new (we've just passed the two month mark!) and there is one thing I've noticed a bit of. We have comments open on all documents, and blogs, and have noticed that as well as strictly "comments", our members are asking questions which should be asked in the forums. As far as I know, you can't move a comment to make it a discussion, so I'm stuck with how best to approach this. Does anyone have ideas on how to tackle this so the comments section isn't clogged with a back and forth dialog. The only solution I've come up at the moment is to create a discussion thread with the user's question, and @mention them so they are aware of it, and hopefully post their responses there.

      Would love to hear what other soutions you've come up with!



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          Since we cannot move the comments into a new discussion/question, I sometimes start a new discussion on behalf of the user. This method is not ideal since the question shows as coming from me. I put something like this on the first line:

          This question has been posted on behalf of Emily Billing. Or, Emily Billing asked this question. At least I can get the question in the right place where someone might see it and answer.


          You could also send a message to the user if messaging is enabled to all users and explain to them a better place to post. You could also put the explanation as a reply or comment to that person, but I don't like that option since it might embarrass the poster.


          I'm quite interested in hearing how other communities might handle this.There could be some better options I haven't thought of.

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            Kara Francis

            Jive for Outlook has been one way around this for me, if I happen to have subscribed to the post.  I can take the email sent for that comment (this works with discussions, documents, blogs, etc.) and then convert it to a discussion.  I can re-title the new discussion so that it is more relevant to the comment/question.  And I can add a reply stating that I have converted the person's comment as a new discussion and thank the user for his/her question by @ mentioning them.  I can also @ mention the original post where the comment came from.  But this way the new question shows up as being submitted by the person truly asking the question.


            But this of course doesn't help if you didn't receive the comment notification via email.  But you could coach group and space owners to do this, as they are more likely to be getting notifications for content related to the places that they manage.


            An idea was posted several years ago to allow branching on other content types

            The general response from Jive is that "comments" work differently than "replies", so that is why discussion replies have branching.  I don't know if the response has changed recently or not.