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    Posting to the "Community" vs Places


      I am finding a lot of my community members are posting to "their own discussions" instead of a specific place. It seems they are getting a false sense that posting to the "Community" (which is open to everyone) is better than a place. In all reality the discussion is open for everyone to see, but it will only be seen from the Activity Stream on the home page or when someone does a search. Those following a place that fits the discussion are never notified and probably do not know it exists.



      Personally I believe that this is a User Experience issue. I have tried to educate users with a blog post and by replying individually to posts, but it seems like the trend continues. Is there a way to generate a report so that I can see posts to "Your Discussions" vs Places? Also, as community managers, are you finding a different experience with your users? How are you combating this issue?

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          Haha.... interesting. The first discussion in User Experience is Require users to choose a place when posting a new discussion?. Seems there is a system property to disable posting to your own discussions. I wonder what the cons or for doing that.

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              Julie Cardinali Brancik

              Hi, Timothy Hales.  I have done many implementations of Jive and one of the first things I do is turn off all posting to a user's personal documents... this is step one, then I turn off posting discussions, ideas, etc.  I will warn you, if you turn off the personal documents feature changing the system property to "false", those documents that people have been posting may disappear (at least that is what happened in previous versions of Jive).  So, in order for users to not lose their documents, I did a report of documents that were not in a place... then moved them to an appropriate space if possible.  I also informed the users before I did this that they had a week to move them or they would potentially "disappear" or be moved by me.  Just an FYI.

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              Here are the system properties you want for the different content types:

              • jive.usercontainer.thread.enabled = false
              • jive.usercontainer.document.enabled = false
              • jive.usercontainer.idea.enabled = false
              • jive.usercontainer.video.enabled = false


              As Julie Cardinali Brancik mentioned, you may want to make sure that all the content is moved to another space before setting these.

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                Thanks for the information! Disabling this for users sounds really appealing. What is the best way to pull the report of the content that is posted under a user?

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                    Hi - I wanted to note that we turned off all content types in personal areas except documents.  We found that some people liked using their personal area as a starter spot for a document  - either for draft-like work or because they didn't quite know where to put it yet.  It hasn't caused a problem for us.  You may want to consider if there is some combination that will work best for your community. Discussions and ideas in personal areas can definitely cause problems.

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                    We use a phrase substitution to inform people of the real consequences. Instead of "Make your content visible", it reads "This actually hides it…"

                    Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 4.22.28 PM.png


                    We still get some first-time users who place discussions there, but we monitor all the new posts and usually catch them within a day or two. We then move their post and educate them:

                    We've found that it's best to first navigate to the place where you want to put your post, then click "Start a Discussion" in the Actions area at the right once you're there.

                    We don't get anyone repeating the mistake, but, as Amanda noted, we do find some people documents or blogs in their own space to keep them semi-private while they're still working on them.