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    X-Jive-Run-As with a federated user


      Has anyone had any luck using the "X-Jive-Run-As" feature with Federated users. I'm on a Cloud Instance.  I'm able to "X-Jive-Run-As" non-federated users, however I get a 403 with federated users:


      Headers: {

      Authorization: "Basic ....",
      Content-type: "application/json",
      X-Jive-Run-As: "username <username>" (Or any other combination: email <email>, etc...)


        "type": "text/html",
        "text": "<body><p>Test Post Please Ignore</p></body>"
        "subject": "I want things for free",
        "type": "idea",
        "parent" : "https://community.mySuperAwesomeApp.com/api/core/v3/places/1035"


        "error" : {
          "status" : 403,
          "message" : "This content type is not allowed in this place or you do not have permissions to create this content"

      Only happens when posting to the instance for a federated user.

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          Hey Daniel.


          I need to setup a test on this myself.  I'm hoping you missed something because otherwise this is going to throw a huge wrench in what I am planning on doing with my environment consisting of all federated users.


          Sorry I don't have anything more yet..

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            You are connecting as a User (Authorization), and you are setting the X-Jive-Run-As as a User.


            Its not totally clear in your description which Users are federated and which are not?



            I have achieved this on a "On Premise" installation, running 7.0.1.

            The authorised User is non-federated, and the X-Jive-Run-As is federated.

            Also the authorised User is a Full Access System Admin.



            Is that the scenario you are trying?



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              Hey guys,


              It was a permission issue on my end. Our federated users were assigned to a different group that didn't have permissions to create Ideas in that particular space. I tweaked our group permissions for that space and was able to resolve the issue.


              Kevin Brown

              I have our Jive instance in place to migrate users, "feature requests", etc... from uservoice. Some of the unexpected things I've encountered are:

              Adding votes as another user: instead of posting to the normal path you must most to a path like:

                 * https://community.mysuperawesomesite.com/api/core/ext/idea-type-plugin/v1/ideaVotes/{content_id}  //NOTE that this is the "CONTENT ID" NOT the "ID"


              I have not been able to figure out how to get a user to 'follow' content through the API yet. I have an open ticket with the support staff but I have not heard back from them yet.  I'll update when I do.


              I used python to manage our migration.  If you're planning on doing the same, I can send you a github link to the python script I used to migrate the content.  I'm also actively developing a Javascript API wrapper to use with our NodeJS server. Again, if you're interested in that I can send you a link to my github.



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