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    How to stop/disable "Likes" and "Reply marked as helpful" email notifications?


      Am hoping someone in the dev community here can help. Would really like to figure this out. My guess is the answer may lie in the email/messaging templates, but not sure which specific ones are involved.


      We just migrated to the cloud, and are getting some pushback from users who are being buried in all the email.


      I have instructed them about how to set their Preferences>Inbox settings to just limit the items they are following, and then checking that stream under Follow>Inbox. Have given them an Outlook rule to apply sends all the "@jiveon.com" email to a separate folder.


      But have a couple specific requests: they have no interest in receiving an email notification when someone ‘likes’ their post, or when a ‘reply marked as helpful’ is done. Any of you know where a kill switch is for those? Is there a message template I can disable? Some other adjustment? Even if this affects everybody, I would like to implement it.