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    Collaboration and Request Management Systems


      I'm looking for feedback about methods and technologies others may have tried for use cases similar to the ones outlined below.  Feel free to brainstorm.  I'd love to hear your ideas!



      I'm currently involved in the development of a new workflow for our Content Publishing team.  Content Publishing creates all of the documents for our various insurance business units: this could include what's mailed or electronically delivered to insureds and agents: the policy forms; claims documents; billing documents; and correspondence such as agency letters.


      In the last eight months we've revamped the workflow for Content Publishing so that all requests come through the Service Now request management system.  The Service Now workflow will be in production in January.


      Before this workflow was developed, those requesting content creation did so by email, phone calls, IM's, SharePoint pages, hallway conversations, drive-by's and other request management systems.  The hope is that by having one point of entry for requests, Content Publishing will gain better metrics for staffing and performance; and that business users will be able to status their requests more easily and become less dependent on other communications channels such as emails and phone calls.



      Even though I believe that business users will grow more comfortable with this new workflow, I want to find ways to facilitate discussion between our team and the business community.  My group's strengths are its personality and the relationships it's developed with business users over the years.  We have team members who have been with us for over 30 years.  They know what our customers want and do a great job.  I want to create a forum where these connections can be maintained, but where others can chime in and offer ideas.


      Use Cases

      Here are some ideas that I've explored:


      1. FAQ

      Has anyone tried using Jive as an FAQ with a link to their request management system?  How has that worked for you?  Have you found that the community interaction prevents known issues from being submitted again?


      2. Catalog Approach

      I was thinking of an "Amazon-ian" approach where customers could read about certain types of offerings, then "order" or request action.  The behind-the-scenes processing would require a service be authored from Jive to Service Now, using the Service Now API.  Has anyone tried something like this?


      3. User Manual and Video Instructions

      This is something I definitely plan on doing.  I want to have a Word or PDF manual, but I also want to supplement it with video instructions and allow users to comment and rate my instructions.  Feedback from anyone who's tried this?


      This is all I've come up with so far.  If you have other use cases and/or ideas, I'd love to hear about them.


      Thanks in advance for your help!

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          This is an interesting concept.  My company is using Service Now and Jive also, but have not tried integrating them.  What we did do was create a Jive space with high-level "user friendly" content.  Some of these Jive documents would then contain hyperlinks which drove the user into Service Now to access more in-depth technical documentation.


          We are also using Jive as a forum where anybody in the company can ask a question and see if anyone else responds.  Even though we do have certain frequently asked questions answered in the forum, from what I've seen this does not cut down on new users continuing to ask the same question.  We're trying to train our users to "search first, ask questions later", but so far have not had much success in that...


          I'd also like to hear how other people have implemented these concepts.

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              Thanks for your thoughts!


              I’m trying to get users to view Jive as the place to have conversation and Service Now as the place to request services.  


              What I’m hoping for is that our IT staff will use Jive and Service Now as their respective dashboards:

              1. Use Jive to listen to the community and understand what things are going well and what aren’t—sort of an appetite guide for future enhancements; and maybe even a place to find out about things that need to be addressed right away
              2. Use Service Now’s reporting features to find out what work needs to be done that day; what tasks are due; what new requests have come in
              3. Rather than reading 100+ emails, come in, look at your tasks and hear what your customers are saying


              For our business community, I want to maintain the strong relationships we’ve developed, but help them become a bit more efficient in the way they send us work.


              Those are my dreams, anyway.  I thought if I could bring the pieces together a bit, it might help.


              Thanks again for your input.

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                  Hi Rob Maxwell, sorry I didn't see this earlier. We also use both Jive and ServiceNow (among other things). We don't have any direct integration between the two...but here are some things we do proactively and some things that have just emerged:

                  • For every major system / service we create a unique Jive Customer Support group. Examples include Outlook, Lync, SharePoint, SAP, ServiceNow, Mobility programs, Jive, Excel, OneNote and more. Community managers do create FAQ type info or link to existing help resources treating the Jive group as a bit of a portal. But most importantly, people use the groups to ask questions of the community to see if there is already a known fix to their issue, or to ask questions about how to go about doing something. And they're creating a shared knowledge base of answers and tips in the process of helping one another. Many times the answer is a link to some help resource or Jive conversation that already existed. And that's cool. It just makes it all more easily discovered later. Then all of that become searchable. We highlight top liked, most popular and featured conversations so that people coming back find the things most likely relevant to all or most users.
                  • In situations where it is a new issue or it looks specific to that user, community managers will encourage them to use ServiceNow to submit a new request for help. So we've learned when to diagnose when something makes sense for community help vs. when it needs to become a service request.
                  • We also have a Jive Group for learning how to use ServiceNow itself...both as people requesting help or a service, as well for people that own SN queues and need reporting, etc. It's a user support group, if you will, for heavy users of the tool to share best practices, get tips of the week, etc. There are videos, links to prepared help materials and views into helpful/popular questions and conversations that have occurred within the group.
                  • While we don't have any direct integration, we can easily hyperlink across platforms to specific pages related to an item, to specific existing knowledge articles on a topic, and more. And using Jive Anywhere while perusing SN can help with this "integration" of user experience. Although we aren't using it yet, you could see where it could help. I've tested it some myself.
                  • Probably the integration we could use but haven't taken the time to investigate would be (similar to how structured outcomes action items works)...."Submit Jive Post as SN Incident". Converting the details in the conversation into a new ticket to trigger a workflow if necessary. It probably wouldn't be overly difficult to implement, we just haven't gone down that path at this point.


                  Just some quick ideas. Good luck!

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