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    Is anyone using the Events module for meeting invitations?


      We are adding the Jive 6 Events module to provide a shared information calendar to groups and to track RSVPs to open events, like lunch and learns, where you can't invite people through an email calendar invite or people are using an email address to accept RSVPs.


      Imagine my pleasant suprise to discover Events sends a invitation to Lotus Notes calendars. Then imagine my immediate disappointment that the Notes version does not sync back to the Jive Event. If you respond to the Notes invite, your RSVP status does not change in Jive.  So now I am concerned. I think people are going to logically assume the Notes invite / Events RSVP talk to each other.


      Jive says we can't turn this email off without customization. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? Is is more intuituve than I think? Can I manage it through education? Or will I create mass confusion as to who's going to what event when?