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    Using Rest API to get the maximum number of group invites


      I am comparing the differences in the API versions. It appears that v2 and v3 have different max count values. v2 has a max of 1000 and v3 has a max of 100.


      uri = "/api/core/v2/invites?groupID={}&limit={}".format(group, maxReturn) #max is 1000
      uri = "/api/core/v3/invites/places/{}?count={}".format(placeID,maxReturn) #max is 100


      As I am using the api within Python, I assume that I need to create a loop that modifies the startIndex based upon the number of records I have already returned.


      It also seem that if there is truly a max count for returning these items, then it should be properly documented in the help - Jive REST Rest API v3.8 → Invite service


      API v2 also provides better feedback in the json response.


      {u'message': u'Limit exceeded; maximum limit is 1000', u'code': 4039} #v2 error message
      {u'error': {u'status': 400, u'message': u'Invalid count 500', u'code': u'genericInvalidCount'}} #v3 error message
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          I was able to accomplish getting all of the invites using a While Loop.


          import json, base64, requests, time
          placeID = "1000"
          maxReturn = 100 #Max number of invites to process per loop. 100 is max for API v3.
          totalInvites = 100 #Number of invites in group. Loops through invites based upon maxReturn value until all invites are retrieved.
          start = 0 #startIndex
          while (start < totalInvites): 
              #Group members uri
              uri = "/api/core/v3/invites/places/{}?count={}&startIndex={}".format(placeID,maxReturn,start)
              base_url = "https://community.com"
              url = base_url + uri
              start += maxReturn