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    How to see last person posting in a thread?


      We moved from an ancient version (4.0) to the cloud. One of the things I have been frustrated with, and a couple of community members have mentioned, is that you can no longer see who the last person was to post in a thread.  This it is not obvious to me if someone posted after I did, and I have to go revisit the threads I posted in earlier to see if there are newer posts. While I can direct him to turn his first Preference>Inbox on and follow in his Inbox stream, would be nice to have it indicated by just looking on the Content>Discussions filter. Anyone know of a way to do this.


      Also, some forum software  (usually offering just disucssion functionality) has a 'new posts' feature that a person can select to see just the new content since they last visited. Assume this is some sort of cookie related functionality. Anyone figured how to do this in Jive?



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          If you have "read tracking" enabled the /content?filterID=contentstatus[published]~objecttype~objecttype[thread] view shows only discussions and new discussions or discussions with updates are "bold" (for 30 days). Anyhow it does not really work when using the activity stream as there threads are also shown but not marked as read (as it is unclear whether one did really read all items in the stream). Actually I prefer the activity streams and I don't miss this feature.

          Also the 'new posts' feature is "solved" within streams as the "--- End of new updates ---" and "--- End of previous updates ---" marks are hard to miss.

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            Billy Volpone

            Hi Gordan, happy to help if I can. I know when looking at a thread, you can still very easily see at the top of the page who the latest post was from and "jump" to it... but it sounds like you're asking about notifications of new content outside of the thread. LG did a great job talking about what's new. Much of the updates for users either come in via those activity streams mentioned (custom now, which allow you to make your own dedicated streams outside of your inbox). Some widgets work to show recent activity as well, which could solve that problem. Users with the native mobile app could also get push notifications on their phone if they subscribe to a thread via the activity stream or inbox.


            Might just help to dive into each option and see which one works best for you personally, or your users. Personally, once I started using my social inbox, I never looked back