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    ExStorageMembershipOperation details missing in the documentation


      I'm implementing membership operations using External Storage Framework as documented in the zip file here: External Storage Framework - Documentation

      Unfortunately the documentation for membership operations is buggy and some descriptions are vague.


      I was able to implement an endpoint for membership operation, the "PUT members" resource in place object, but the object sent to that endpoint is ExStorageMembership with some undocumented fields, instead of ExStorageMembershipOperation. The most prominent difference being no "action" attribute, so the put query can only add new users with certain permissions.

      I respond with an ExStorageMembership with "self" resources for DELETE and PUT (just guessing, no doc). DELETE is being used, but when the user is modified, I get a new request to "PUT members" of place object.



      I implemented the "POST bulkMembership" too, but have no idea how to cause it to be used. When I perform bulk operations on group members I get multiple calls instead of a call to the bulk operation endpoint. ExStorageMembershipOperation therefore remains unused and unexplored to me.


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          I can try to track this down for you but to start:


          a) I'm pretty sure that you're *invoking* Jive services and expecting that members / users will get added to the place, is that true?


          b) what specific endpoint(s) are you invoking when you're doing this work?





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              a) No, I'm implementing endpoints in ESP that Jive is calling when members are managed in Jive by the group owner.

              b) irrelevant; none


              As I said, I'm trying to implement endpoints needed for Jive to pass membership information to us. With that in mind, the above problem should be understandable.


              The action item here is to update all ExStorageMembership* documentation to be true and complete.

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                  the PUT members does gets ExStorageMembership and returns a ExStorageMembershipEntity, there is currently no other way.

                  you can for example delete the given user and re-add it.


                  POST bulkMembership gets a ExStorageBulkMemberUpdateRequestEntity

                  this method is for spaces only and not for groups.

                  you can define custom permission groups in the jive admin console and add them to a space- see [jiveurl]/admin/space-permissions.jspa

                  that way you can add a permission group with 100 users in one operation. this will call the esp bulk endpoint with the list of users

                  (after a property defined period that defaults to 15 minutes)