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    Show cluster node in theme??


      Anyone have any idea if its possible to display the current cluster node via a theme customization or possibly a plugin?


      Its something that would be tremendously valuable for troubleshooting to know exactly what node in the cluster an individual user is connected to.

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          If you set this system property to the value "true" it should be in a cookie which is fairly easy to get.



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            We found it really difficult to get the cluster info out of Jive after upgrading to v6 last year. What I ended up doing was copying some of the code that powers this admin console page;




            I made a stripped down version of that page available to any user, and it tells them plainly what node they're on (which they can relay back to the developers/support).




            I even put in an extra bit of code that sends it back as JSON so that we can quickly access it from a Bookmarklet.



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                I would love to know how to do this if you can share details.


                Are you able to force yourself onto chosen nodes too? We were told by Jive that only they can choose node, we have to log in again and again and see where we end up.

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                    To "pick" nodes we are logging into the admin panel on port 9002 via http (instead of https).

                    But then you have obviously log in again with an admin id, as opposed to moving yourself to another node while remaining logged on.


                    I kinda figured I would have to poke around in the admin panel to rip out some of the code there. I had a brief look but couldnt really see anything obvious in less than 5 mins so I posted here.


                    If you could share your code for what you did that would be fantastic. I think the cookie option is another good option.

                    I can write some JS, stick it in in the theme and display the cookie value in the footer or something white text on a white background styles.

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                    I threw this together.. so don't expect to be stunned by my coding


                    Some struts...


                    <action name="viewClusterInfo" class="com.premierfarnell.community.action.ViewClusterInfo">
                        <result name="success">/template/global/e14-cluster-info.ftl</result>


                    Some Java


                    package com.premierfarnell.community.action;
                    import com.jivesoftware.community.action.JiveActionSupport;
                    import com.jivesoftware.community.action.util.AlwaysAllowAnonymous;
                    import com.jivesoftware.community.action.util.Decorate;
                    import com.jivesoftware.community.cache.*;
                    import com.jivesoftware.community.web.struts.SetReferer;
                    import java.util.Set;
                    public class ViewClusterInfo extends JiveActionSupport {
                        private String viewaction;
                        public Set<ClusterMember> getNodes() {
                            return CacheFactory.getClusterMembers();
                        public String execute() {
                            return SUCCESS;
                        public String getViewAction() {
                            return viewaction;
                        public void setAction(String action) {
                            this.viewaction = action;


                    An FTL


                    <#if viewAction=="list">
                        <@nodeList nodes=nodes/>
                    <#elseif viewAction=="json" || viewAction=="view">
                        <#list nodes as node>
                            <#-- This is pretty rubbish.. it'd be nice to tidy it up.. didn't want the full hostname.. so this strips it down -->
                            <#if node.local && (node.id?contains('csapp-01'))><#assign currentNode = "csapp-01" /></#if>
                            <#if node.local && (node.id?contains('csapp-02'))><#assign currentNode = "csapp-02" /></#if>
                            <#if node.local && (node.id?contains('csapp-03'))><#assign currentNode = "csapp-03" /></#if>
                            <#if node.local && (node.id?contains('csapp-04'))><#assign currentNode = "csapp-04" /></#if>
                            <#if node.local && (node.id?contains('csapp-05'))><#assign currentNode = "csapp-05" /></#if>
                            <#if node.local && (node.id?contains('csapp-06'))><#assign currentNode = "csapp-06" /></#if>
                        <#if viewAction=="view">
                            You are on <b>${currentNode}</b>
                            { "currentNode": "${currentNode}" }
                    <#macro nodeList nodes>
                    <style type="text/css">
                    .jive-table th {
                        white-space: nowrap;
                    .jive-table .jive-table-member-joined {
                        text-align: center;
                        <table class="jive-table" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="0" border="0" style="border: 1px solid #eeeeee;">
                                <th class="jive-table-member-id">
                                    Member ID
                                <th class="jive-table-member-senior">
                                    Senior Member
                                <th class="jive-table-member-address">
                                <th class="last"> </th>
                        <#list nodes as node>
                            <tr <#if node.local>style="background-color:#ffc;"</#if>>
                                <td class="jive-table-member-id">${node.id?html}</td>
                                <td class="jive-table-member-senior"><#if node.senior>Yes</#if></td>
                                <td class="jive-table-member-addres">${node.networkEndpoint?html}</td>
                                <td class="last"></td>