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    REST GET message response returns image without full URL


      Hi everyone.



      I'm filling confused of having serious problem.

      I'm developing widget that gets particular discussion contents.


      If user attaches image file to discussion message(reply) Jive generates URL like this




      This part is size of an image, and it's not necessary for me



      But this one is some hash I believe 2-4303-2136


      I really need to pickup that URL or get that hash to generate url by myself.


      As a result what I'm getting in message content is this:


      <img __jive_id="2139" alt="picture.jpg" class="jive-image image-1" src="picture.jpg" style="height: 948px; width: 620px;">



      so the SRC attribute has only the name of file and no absolute url while in discussion body on related discussion page I see this


      <img alt="picture.jpg" class="jive-image image-1" height="900" src="http://localhost:8080/servlet/JiveServlet/downloadImage/2-4337-2139/588-900/picture.jpg" style="height: 948px; width: 620px;" width="588">



      Can anyone help me with getting absolute URL or that hash?