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    Moving documents from a group to a project within that group


      I've tried doing this two ways with problems in both relating to the versioning of the document.


      1. If I "Edit" the document, change the title slightly and change the group to the project, without editing the content of the document otherwise, it doesn't save a new version that I can see in the version control. Jive also doesn't seem to see this as recent activity on the document or fire off any email notifications that a user following the project would expect to receive as a result of a document being edited and published in the space.

        It definitely still knows that the current version isn't the original one (note that it shows it was last modified by me on today's date), but it doesn't show the current version in the list of versions (in this case it thinks there's only the original version):
      2. If instead I "Move" the document, it moves it to the group, but also doesn't save a new version that can be seen in the version control. And what's more, it doesn't make a good note of who moved the file.

        From this:

        To this:

        Ingrid didn't move the file, I did.


      I'm guessing these are related problems, but is this a known issue and is there a workaround?


      I'd prefer to use the top method, if it worked, since I need to change the name anyway and I also need to fire off an automatic email notification to another system (it "follows" the project with email notifications turned on), and it seems easiest to do it all at once.