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    Ampersand coding displayed from Status Updates in Recent Content widget


      I realise this is a Jive users community and so apologies if this is not the right place to post this but when I tried to raise a new support case from the Create menu I found no locations enabled that I could select for the post. Generally speaking, what is the proper route to raise things like this with the Jive developers?


      For what it's worth, we are using Jive Cloud (Jive SBS 8c3.1) and one of the widgets on our homepage is the Recent Content widget. We have noticed that ampersand characters, when used in users' status updates, are showing the HTML encoding. e.g.


      When this same string is used in a blog post heading it displays correctly, as one would expect:


      Ideally we'd like the Recent Content widget to correctly display the ampersand character.