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    3rd Meeting of the Australian/New Zealand Jive user group


      Hi everyone, here's an update from the 3rd meetup of the Australian/New Zealand Jive user group, held last Thursday 9th Oct at the wonderful Global CCS Institute in Melbourne. Heartfelt thanks to Kylie Martin for making sure the facility was spot on and thanks also to Srini (Kylie's boss) for stepping up and delivering a keynote with an hour's notice.

      The meeting was a huge success, with customer reps from CCS Institute, Iress, REA Group, SEEK, Commbank and Bureau of Meteorology in attendance, plus partners SocialEffect and The Ripple Effect, together with 5 Jiver's.

      Some notable takeaways:

      • Of the customers in attendance five are currently either implementing the latest version of Jive or upgrading from a previous version, so plenty happening down under.
      • Welcome to Iress, Seek and the Bureau of Meteorology for their first foray into the Jive user group.
      • Ilan Twig EVP Jive Engineering delivered a terrific presentation on the StreamOnce technology. StreamOnce is making it so much easier for Jive to be integrated with external applications, delivering a rich user experience and exchange of vital information.

      Actions to pursue:

      • The intention is for user group meetings to be held quarterly going forward. A caveat on this is that there may be a Jive sponsored user group event held some time in November to bring us news of JiveWorld events and announcements.
      • Peter Tapscott to coordinate the next user group meeting on behalf of the user and partner community.
      • In an attempt to break down the barriers of the vast geographic reach of the Australian and New Zealand customer base and to involve as many customer reps as possible, we will be trialling the use of video-conferencing for the next meeting.
      • Carol Barton asked whether there was a possibility of a developers group for the region being created.
      • The group to give some additional thought as to its reason for being, ensuring that there are benefit/value takeaways for attending.
      • Kylie Martin and Steve Barnes to present to the group their assessment of what they got out of JiveWorld14.

      I'd love to hear from some of the others who attended, so feel free to comment.