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    Problems when wrapping Jive iOS App with Good Control




      I tried to configure the Jive App according to the How To provided.


      The configuration was no problem but when I tried to do the Good wrapping I receive the following error message


      Internal Server Error:"The AppModifier threw an exception: : com.good.wrap.gd.ios.AppModifier$ProcessingException: Applications built for the 64-bit architecture cannot be wrapped. Please, check documentation for details."

      I already asked Good for assistance with this problem and the answer was:

      Is the app you are wrapping 64-bit? That is the most likely cause for the error you are seeing. The Good Dynamics App Wrapping engine does not yet support 64-bit applications. 64-bit support is planned for an upcoming release.


      In the meantime, the way to work around this is to remove 64-bit architectures from the app. Please email me attherder@good.com if you need help doing this.

      Has anyone seen the same error message and have you managed to wrap the app with Good?

      Thank you in advance