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    Why does the note "Deadline has been reached" in red get posted on the activity feed in the bottom right hand corner of the task screen at the time the reminder/alert was set and NOT at the time of the actual due date?


      I am new to this software.  When I create a task I hoped for a notification and note in the activity log when the actual due date was reached.  The hope of course was to be able to use this as a registry of when tasks were completed vs. their actual due date.  It seems however that the only time a notification is sent or a note is put in the activity feed is when the time set as a reminder/alert passes.  This is additionally confusing because the note placed in the log (the bottom right hand corner of the task screen) says "The deadline has been reached" which of course is not true if this note is posted for a reminder set for example to 2 days before the Due Date.




      Thank you