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    Personal Blogs


      Personal blogs are disabled for most users in the Jive community.  Why do you think they are not allowed here?  What are the pros and cons? If you are a CM do you enable them in your own community?  Do you grant this functionality to everyone or to a certain sub-set of users?  Is there something people have to accomplish before they can blog in your community?  How does adding a blog post to a group differ from to a personal blog?

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          In our community, most members don't necessarily distinguish between a Discussion, a Question, and a blog post the first time or two they participate. We allow personal blogs because a few individuals may develop a readership, but most of the personal blogs that get posted are mistakes made by people who aren't paying much attention to where they're posting. Our community is small enough that this is OK, and we simply manually move them to more visible locations and gently educate the authors about the best mechanisms.


          This is all fine, really. We want our community members to focus their attention on their substantive messages, not the online community mechanisms. Gentle nudging here and there works OK for us, but simply disabling personal blogs would eliminate these problems.

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            Jordan Dayton

            I'm also very interested to hear some insight from other community managers that have been using Jive for some time. Perhaps Libby Taylor has some insight?

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              Libby Taylor

              The reason we don't allow for personal blogs is twofold:

              • We want to discourage any avenue that would make Spam posting easier. So all content must be posted in the appropriate subject-matter place.
              • Personal blogs get lost unless you have a large following. We'd like to help build your following by encouraging you to put you blog post in the appropriate group.


              So if you have an interest in posting a blog, some good places to consider are Jive Internal Communities Jive External Communities and The specified item was not found.