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    Euan Semple visiting Australia in mid-November

      Twelve years ago, while working in a senior position at the BBC, Euan Semple was one of the first to introduce what have since become known as social media tools into a large, successful organisation. He has subsequently had seven years of unique experience working with organisations such as BP, The World Bank and NATO to help them try to do the same. He is also the author of Organizations Don't Tweet, People Do.


      Euan will be in Australia in mid-November and Ripple Effect Group are helping to arrange and co-facilitate workshops with local organisations. A workshop with Euan can:

      • Help you decide whether the social web makes sense for you and your organisation.
      • Influence your senior execs and other managers to give you the space to have a go.
      • Get people enthusiastic and behind your plans.
      • Help you deal with challenges when they arise and to learn from them for the future.
      • Inspire you and keep your energy up!


      If you would like to know more, please let me know.