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    User adoption - total, registered, active users per space?


      Hello all,


      is there an option to get the information about registered/total/active/etc. users per space when analyzing the user adoption? We only have this option within the Community Manager Reports, when I work with the reporting for one single space or a space structure (space + all of it's subspaces) I can see active, participating, contributing user results only.


      It would be much more interesting to see how many users can (technically) access a space (+ it's subspaces), how many did it even once and how many work with this space(s) on a regular basis.


      Any information about whether this is possible or how it can be implemented/activated would be very much appreciated!


      P.S. Our community permissions setup is based on an LDAP oracle data base. We add job roles and/or single users (user overrides) out hosted in the LDAP to spaces and work partially with inherited permissions from other spaces.